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Pneumohydraulic Drives


The TOX PRESSOTECHNIK Pneumohydraulic drives are known as the TOX-Powerpackage, which are energy saving, pneumatic operated air hydraulic cylinders that feature an integrated oil system and automatically activated power strokes. Capacities and technical specifications include press forces from 2 to 2000 kN, power strokes up to 80 mm (with longer power strokes available using the split Series X-KT system), and total strokes up to 400 mm. Patented characteristics of the Powerpackage Pneumohydraulic drives are the bypass system, absolute air-oil separation feature, and the hydraulic return stroke damping system.


The following pneumohydraulic drive models are available:


Series line-Q - the advantageous preferential series


Straight (Q-S) and compact (Q-K) versions available

•  Short delivery time

•  TOX quality at attractive price

•  Latest seal technology

•  Press force range: 10 - 283 kN at 6 bar air pressure

•  Total stroke: 100-200 mm

•  Power stroke: up to 52 mm

•  High cycle speed, high approach and retract forces


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Series line-X - the high performance series


Straight (X-S) and compact (X-K) versions available

•  High cycle speed, high approach and retract forces

•  Press force range: 11 - 1727 kN

•  Total stroke: up to 400 mm

•  Power stroke: up to 80 mm

•  Standard features: power bypass and hydraulic dampening in retract

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X-KT System - with remote working cylinder


The split version of the TOX®-Powerpackage - the pneumohydraulic unit

•  Flexible and expandable

•  Pres force range: 2-1700 kN

•  Total stroke: up to 400 mm

•  Power stroke: up to 400 mm

•  Operating air pressure: up to 10 bar


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Type S/Type K - the 10 bar devices

•  High approach and retract forces

•  High cycle speed

•  Press force range:2-500 kN

•  Total stroke: up to 400 mm

•  Power stroke: up to 50 mm


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Type RZ – precision for tongs and presses

Available as RZS, RZK and RZH versions

•  Precision flange for optimal guidance accuracy

•  No additional tool carriage necessary

•  As pneumo hydraulic or hydraulic cylinder

•  Applications in robot guns, stationary machine tongs or C-frame presses


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Type P / Type VHZ - TOX-Welding cylinders


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type Q-S


type X-K

X-KT System

TOX-Powerpackage, type S

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type RZK


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