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TOX-FinePress benchtop presses combine  heavy-duty construction with lasting value, making them ideal for  pressure forming, pelletizing,  crimping,  forming or bending. Our benchtop press program delivers between two and 57 kN of pressure (450 to 12,900 lb.-force), and is available in four models. Each TOX-FinePress model comes in three different frame sizes to suit your space and project requirements. Model options include:

TOX Pressotechnik USA is a market leader in press driving technology. Powered by a multilingual worldwide sales and customer support staff, TOX has been helping clients around the globe meet their production needs since 1980.

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TOX benchtop presses increase productivity and assure quality, and are a wise investment for a variety of industrial and commercial settings. Advantages and features of TOX benchtop presses include:


Flexibility: Our extensive benchtop press program is customizable, with ample accessories and quick tool-change features. Each TOX-FinePress also comes with a 360-degree adjustable pull handle, and can be customized to the height and force you require.

High-quality design:
Benchtop presses operate smoothly and deliver years of low-maintenance performance. Presses include a precise linear ram guide, rigid steel-cast frame, and optional press monitor.

Value: With a 12-month warranty and worldwide TOX service, TOX PRESSOTECHNIK benchtop presses offer exceptional value for the price. For your convenience, all accessories can be easily retrofitted to your specific press model.



  1 Ball rail guide for ram

   2 Electric counter

   3 Return stroke lock

   4 Travel sensor


TOX-FinePress Optional Accessories


Depending upon your project-specific needs, our benchtop press accessories include:

•  Fine stroke adjustment

•  Side grip

•  Machine bases

•  Slide tables

•  Electric & pneumatic controls

•  Press monitor with sensors


Relied upon by dozens of industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, medical and marine sectors, TOX-FinePress benchtop presses are durable, reliable, and cost-efficient.




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