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Seam Sealers

Weld, braze and solder with these lid placement, tack, seam, and parallel seam sealing systems


Projection Welders


Dependable welding solutions - including projection welding - for hermetic sealing of microelectronic packages and joining of a variety of metal parts



Sealed work areas with built-in glove ports, pass-through chambers, and interlocking doors enable parts processing a controlled atmosphere


Bakeout Ovens


Bakeout ovens provide the perfect solution for adding bakeout capacity independent from an atmospheric enclosure.


Amada Miyachi offers a complete line of resistance welding based systems including projection welders, rotary welders, hermetic seam sealing systems, and lid placement and tacking systems.  The company also provides atmospheric enclosures (gloveboxes and dryboxes) for hermetic sealing applications.


Hermetic Sealing Systems may be integrated with any of our power supplies for resistance welding or hot bar reflow soldering.  Laser systems are also available.


Because Amada Miyachi designs and manufactures both the power supply and the hermetic sealing system, you are assured that the motion, power supply, software, and tooling will work properly and are integrated into a whole that supports your desired process flow.



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