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Find defects other systems miss with the sigPOD


sigPOD is a universal part test and process monitoring system that applies the industry’s most advanced signature analysis to deliver the most accurate defect detection. sigPOD can be used across the production line or virtually any manufacturing process including crimping, dispensing, force-distance monitoring, torque testing, noise and vibration, gauging, profiling, welding and more.


sigPOD offers you:


  • An out-of-the-box solution for monitoring test and assembly processes with an intuitive user interface for quick and easy set-up;
  • Extremely flexible configuration for your tests with no coding required;
  • A wide library of processing and analysis toolsets;
  • World-leading signature analysis software to provide the most graphical and accurate view of quality for every part in every operation;
  • A range of reporting tools including SPC right on the unit; and
  • A common platform that enables standardization across the plant, simplifying training, spares and test management.




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