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• Carousel or Over-Under working positions.

• Versatile and compact modular-component design.

• Precision machined cast iron chemical-nickel plated links.

• Precision chordal compensation cams for positional repeatability.

• High station-to-station accuracy.

• Fast intermittent motion - vibration free.

• Custom index-distance and custom motion available*.

• Standard and alternative drive packages available.

• Custom options available, including :

machined base, line-shafts, cams, synchronized parts-handlers and auxiliary index drives, custom chassis, etc.

• CDS can design and build machine sub-systems to suit customers needs.

I = Pitch Diameter of Pallets = Model Size

Since its founding in 1953, CDS - Cam Driven Systems has been recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of precision motion control components and systems for automated manufacturing machinery. CDS produces cam actuated mechanical drives and machinery offering  [more]


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