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TOX PRESSOTECHNIK offers a patented clinching technique that results in a solid die cavity, but joint shapes can also be customized to your project-specific needs. Clinch procedures include:


TOX Round Joint


Patented and used over one million times, the round joint provides high static and dynamic strength without cutting or corrosion. Round joints create simple, solid tools, with a very long lifespan. (Also available as MICROpoint with 1.5 and 2 mm point diameter.)  [more]




Versatile die with a combination of fixed and sliding segments,

this method is used for special applications, or in conjunction with

the ClinchRivet or with glue within the sheet metal layers for further strength.  [more]


TOX ClinchRivet


Used an an alternative to the pierce rivet, this simple, cylindrical rivet is
cold-formed into the metal during the clinching process. 




Increases dynamic strength by creating a double joint with a diameter of 2mm to 10mm.  [more]


TOX Vario Joint I


Used to join sheets that differ in thickness or

material (metal and non-metal).  [more]


TOX Flat Joint


Joining system that flattens the joint protrusion when it is aesthetically undesirable or when the protrusion causes interference.  [more]



TOX Pressotechnik USA is a market leader in press driving technology. Powered by a multilingual worldwide sales and customer support staff, TOX has been helping clients around the globe meet their production needs since 1980.

The TOX philosophy is built on a combination of...   [more]


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